Strange Attractors 2


“Strange Attractors is so unusual that there is nothing in the usual realm of games it can be compared to. For this reason alone, I am will be adding this game to my collection.” – Tabitha Akery

Strange Attractors 2 is an evolution of its original one-switch predecessor. In it you use your ship’s gravity drive to navigate and escape from complex labyrinths full of secrets, hazards, and antagonizing screaming spacemen.

SA2 is larger, smarter and more intricate, enemies are more imposing and aggressive; a whole new experience. The simple and elegent gameplay of Strange Attractors 2 picks up where the original left off and adds a ton more.



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Windows only.



2008 Chosen for the Penny Arcade Expo’s PAX10 – read more



Bottom Line All in all, you have a very competent arcade romp. that’s pinball and Mario combined. It has the old school charm of Pong while being very challenging. Verdict: Buy it” – The Escapist

“As soon a crowd of European physicists to come together to figure out what to eat and why gravity Higgs bosons – right there a project in which secrets are disclosed, and the force of gravity tamed and placed in the service of humanity.” – Game Review Group

“The lesson here? Super-simple control schemes strip twitch gameplay down to its pure essence: raw, gorgeous physics.” – wired magazine

Strange Attractors was cited in a MIT Masters Thesis

“It’s difficult, engaging, and perfectly fair, and would have been a sure fire hit back in the heyday of coin-op gaming in the early 1980s.” –



Interview with Ominous Development –

Let’s Talk about Strange Attractors 2 –



Check out PixelProspector’s wonderful play through vid below and be sure to leave some comments!


Like the song in the trailer?

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows® 2000/XP/VistaTM with latest updates
  • Pentium® III, AMD AthlonTM 2.0 GHz or better
  • ATI RadeonTM 9500 or better, NVIDIA GeForceTM FX 5200 or better, Intel® GMA 950 or better with 64 MB of video memory (shared or dedicated)
  • 512 MB of available system memory
  • 220 MB of available hard drive space (110 MB installed)


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