No beginning. No end. A group of small town, high-school friends. Much speculation has been laid at the feet of Ominous Development. Most slain, but some true, some not-so-true. Some not-so-but-maybe-not-really-it-totally-is true.

No, none of us were electrocuted corn detasselling (aka Andropogoneae bilateral orchiectomy) but one may have been “touched” by “the corn”. Yes, we were nominated for “Innovation in Game Design” at the Independent Games Festival and some awesome PAX10 for indie games.

No, we will not hire you. Yes, there may or may not have been a number of car fires. No, we still don’t have a press pack. It’s not coming. Yes, it is factually hilarious that this actually happened.

Yes, neil degrasse tyson did in fact say we’re the greatest thing since sliced physics.

No. Neil degrasse tyson didn’t actually say that, but he might if he knew we existed and you cared to follow up, which you wont, because why?



assorted hooligans

Eric J. Walker

Explorer of Fiddly Bits™

Eric spends his time antagonizing the team with cattle prods, replacing code with MSPaint drawings of cats when no one is looking, and annoying the Ominous business contacts by sending them envelopes full of baby powder. He also likes piñacoladas and overly affectionate inanimate objects. Generally, Eric can be found staring at the sea and mumbling about orbital mechanics.

Also, this is hilarious.

Scott Stanfield

Principle Illogicist™

The elusive Stanfield loves fixing Eric’s bad code, rewriting large swaths of the Ominous Engine to test bad design ideas, and tiny hats. He can often be found in Azeroth where he pines away at menial rank hoping for bigger, better and more bulbously phat lute. Little else is known about the elusive Stanfield. Cryptozoologists continue to debate whether or not he exists at all.

Bret Alfieri

Chief Dark Cultivator of Devious Disparities™

Bret reckons with no man, god or beast of the sea, for one should expect no quarter when dealing with Bret. Despite an emotionally debilitating psychological weakness for tiny hats, Bret braves the intellectual wasteland of New York making weird, amazing things and destroying stupidity. In his off time, Bret works as a part time Chippendale’s dancer for tips and cougar connections which he claims are being compiled for an as yet undisclosed “Research Project”. He enjoys long walks on the beach and large hands.

Christopher M. McGarry

Hydrophobic Minister of Sub-Sea Level Mind Diving™

Subject may appear agitated and should be considered potentially hostile when presented with plush, furry creatures. Use extreme caution when around subject with objects of bright color or shiny reflectiveness. After many ad hominem attacks from himself toward himself, he now disagrees. Subject, when probed in a verbal or non-verbal manner, audibly repeats “It creates. It just creates.” Approach with caution.

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Christopher M McGarryChristopher M McGarry
July 3, 2013 - 9:58 pm

8 responses to “About”

  1. Bob Metzger says:

    Michigan Game Development Stakeholder Meeting – Greetings, I work for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and am working to bring together Michigan game development stakeholders for a discussion on ways to grow the industry. Would like to get your contact information to ensure you are on the list of industry stakeholders. I can be reached by email or at 517-241-9993. Thanks.

  2. Ronald Stanton says:

    I am a post-graduate in Game and Simulation production at Rasmussen College Online. I currently live in Rockford Michigan. I have about a year and a half left for my BS. I currently have no internships at all. Do you currently have any available? Where do I sign up?


    • Hey Ronald, we’d love to take on an intern, however we are all working remotely and have full time day jobs as well. Not really a great setup for interning. Thanks for your interest tho!

    • Dan Wallace says:


      probably a little late and i’m sure you wont get this, but i’m developing a small collaborative effort based in Grand Rapids. Woulda been sweet had you setup an email to your original post, then i could directly contact you.

      mine is walldiv@gmail.com and you may also feel free to call my cell at anytime! I hope to hear from you!

      Dan Wallace

  3. Small-Bet has developed a pioneering SDK that can be baked into any new or existing games, giving games studios a whole new dimension to their offering and gamers the opportunity to raise the bar in their peer-to-peer challenges. We’d love to discuss partnering with you.

  4. Jon says:

    Interested in having a Sound Designer?

  5. Greetings,
    I am a Graphic Designer and avid video game fan. I was curious if you were in need of play testers for your games. If so I would love to apply to be one and would love to know where to apply. Thanks either way.

  6. I’m trying to reach Eric Walker. We worked together in the past before I did a deal game testing reviews for your game. Strange attractors. I need some advice and I need to catch up with an old friend, please. If you can email me back. I really would appreciate that. Thank you.

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