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Clive Thompson of Wired described Strange Attractors best:

“Are you sick of games that create faux complexity by forcing you to learn hundreds of button combinations? The designers of Strange Attractors went in the radically opposite direction: They use one single button — the space bar — to control the action. Your goal is to maneuver a little craft through free-floating space by using the button to activate and deactivate “gravity,” drawing yourself toward larger objects. It’s like navigating a NASA probe by slingshotting it around celestial objects.

The lesson here? Super-simple control schemes strip twitch gameplay down to its pure essence: raw, gorgeous physics.”




We have never seen anyone play this game and not laugh out loud.

Strange Attractors was created for a “One-Switch” competition. Just because the only button used by the game is the space bar (and Esc to exit) doesn’t mean the gameplay isn’t complex and unique. Remember, not everything simple is easy!

Download Strange Attractors (full game)
Windows only.

How to Play: Pressing the spacebar activates the gravity drive of your craft and creates an attractive force between yourself and the other objects in the game. Your goal is to sling and bounce yourself from the bottom of the level through the portal at the top.



2006 Independant Games Festival Finalist – Innovation in Game Design



Download the Strange Attractors original soundtrack, free.



“In Strange Attractors, like in all good games, acts of horrific and insensitive murder like this will earn you lots and lots of points! This is said far too much, but I truly feel this Strange Attractors deserves the compliment. It’s groundbreaking. With a wonderful mix of physics, objects and dying spacemen, this game rocks harder than 10 Queen tribute bands. Put together!” – Dan @ shocktherapy

“If you’re looking for neat one-button game design that makes great use of physics, check out Strange Attractors. Or, if you’re looking for a game with a lot of tiny little men that say strange things before their inevitable demise,Strange Attractors is a good match for you, too.” – Matthew @

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